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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thing the Quince

I created a Rollyo search widget and it's sitting over there on the right. I generated a list of craft idea sites (it's called So Crafty) and now anyone can search for craft ideas using that widget.

Remember when you were in kindergarten and you made stained glass with tissue paper and glue? I'm trying to find instructions for that. Anyone have any ideas? Cheap ideas?

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  1. Oh, I remember doing this! We used water, not glue, though. I remember I tried doing it for a craft project one FLYP, and it was a total flop. Here's why:

    "Choose "art" tissue paper from a hobby or craft store. Regular tissue paper from the gift wrap department is too thick and will not bleed or blend the way art tissue paper does. The bleeding and blending when water and glue are applied are what give the artwork beautiful colors and effects."

    "Note: Be sure the tissue paper you are using has been designed to bleed when wet."

    It was tissue paper from the dollar store, so it was definitely not art tissue paper...who knew there was a difference? Not I.