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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thing the Tenth

Tagging and stuff...

I'm a fan of tagging. On my LJ, I began to use tags as soon as the developers added the option. I even spent what seemed like a month going back through four years (at the time) of my blog archives to tag old posts. It's fun for me to go back and see what I wrote about a topic.

Por ejemplo:

Bad Idea Bears - 1 use
Conspiracies - 23 uses
Librarians - 7 uses
Mitzvot - 1 use
Nerds - 43 uses
Why I Hate the Dentist - 1 use
Yay- 99 uses

So, yes, tags are cool. And Delicious?

I like the social networking aspect of Delicious. I think it could be a handy way to share web resources without having to print out a list of links for someone, which sort of seems like an extra step in the process that puts you on paper and then back on the computer.

I created an account, which was easy enough. Then I had a brain fart. I followed the instructions for importing my favorites. It wasn't moving them over. Suddenly, my brain decided to kick on. "Dummy," said my brain, "You don't have Favorites, you have Google bookmarks!" So, click click, point, click, a-ha! and my bookmarks now live on Delicious and Google.

I'm thinking about creating Delicious lists for students in my computer classes. They can apply what I've taught them and do some homework.

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