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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thing the Eleventh

You know, the whole idea behind blogging is for people to be social and to share what excites us with other people. So it's only natural for us to want to share news articles, blog posts, videos, and whatever else with friends, too.

My only experience with this kind of thing is when I share articles or blogs I like. It's so simple to click on the little Share button to zoom something cool to my Mom or my BFF. Have I read about a tasty recipe at The Kitchn? Click it and send it to my hubby so he can pick up ingredients at Publix on his way home from work. Did I read something feministy at Jezebel? Digg it up, ladies!

I'm not sure about using this bit of Web 2.0 in the library. If we had an official library blog, we could post about events or new books and provide a Share link or a Digg link so patrons could alert friends to anything interesting.

That's about all I can imagine right now. It's very dreary out and my coffee is too weak this morning...

1 comment:

  1. OKAY, I seem to remember reading some rules (but maybe I just clicked past them) so I think it's not illegal, or anything, to peek ahead at the people who are WAY out in front of so many of the rest of us. But I justify it, by seeing it as morale boosting behavior: NOT CHEATING!

    I love your site!!! Class act, all the way!

    But, I also realize the time I spend following other sites, and actually taking the time to READ them, is cutting into any progress on my own itty bitty blogette.

    What's a blogger to do???? Go for the easy pleasure and follow others, or toss myself back into that gaping pit of despair, called Thing The Next, on my to-do list? And, don't even get me started on the time involved in checking out every link I see on these blogs! They're like quicksand... you're lucky to get out alive!!

    I suppose I could have abbreviated this comment to "You go, girl!" But, that probably isn't very feministy. Keep up the GREAT work.