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Friday, January 15, 2010

Teen Craft Idea: Etching Glass

An amazing craft idea from 4YA. I want to do this!!!

Teen Craft Idea: Etching Glass:

As you may already know, I'm a total fangirl. I visit almost everyday to search for project inspiration, to window shop, and yes to occasionally indulge myself. One of my favorite shops is Placidrain, who specializes in geekery and cookery. Placidrain etches video game and anime characters onto glassware as shown in the pictures above. I've been very curious to see just how this is done, and thanks to Craftster, I have found a really easy tutorial that uses puffy paint and etching cream. With endless possibilities, this super easy and affordable project, would be great activity for youth groups. If you can, try to use blue glass drinking glasses. The results are even more stunning.

Check out the links below for tutorials and inspiration.

Craftster tutorial by Skarinja that uses pint glasses
A slightly more detailed Craftster tutorial by Onyxnox that uses glass canisters
Placidrain's Hi-O Etsy store with pictures of really cool video game and anime glassware

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