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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ultimate Showdown @ Your Library Round One!

Okay, so in the excitement of our first day, we forgot to have Round One of The Ultimate Showdown. Shame on us for having so much fun!

So today we're having double the battles in order to catch up.

In no particular order, here are today's matchups:

Cat in the Hat vs Jack Sparrow
Harriet the Spy vs Spiderman
Dorothy Gale vs Captain Kirk
Octavian Nothing vs Amelia Bedelia
Phineas & Ferb vs Coraline
Kermit the Frog vs Nancy Drew
Iron Man vs Wolverine
Desperaux vs Snape
Edward Cullen vs Ms. Frizzle
Mickey Mouse vs Stanley Yelnats
Aslan vs Cinderella
Weetzie Bat vs Gemma Doyle
Bill Nye vs Eragon
Dora the Explorer vs Alaska Young
Optimus Prime vs Prince Caspian
Bone vs Hermione

Remember, we're judging on Hearts, Smarts, Originality, Game Changer, and Coolness Bonus.

Stay tuned to see who moves on to the next round! Let the battle begin!

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