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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Twenty Two! <3

My top 5 Favorite Things and, no, I'm not talking about brown paper packages tied up with string, though I love those, too...

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1. Google Reader (hearts and love and rockets and Care Bear stares...)
2. Reading others' posts. You guys are awesome.
3. The Common Craft Show (I'm using it all the time now.)
4. My hopes and dreams for a library FB or MySpace page.
5. Social media, as a whole, really. Web 2.0 Show and Tell. Is it snack time yet?

So, huzzah for the 22 Things we've learned and the 23rd yet to come!

1 comment:

  1. Each day, we have the opportunity to make OUR INDIVIDUAL library branch be all that it can be. (Sounds like a cheesy Marines commercial, kinda, doesn't it!) That's what we wake up for. That's what keeps 'em coming back for more! WE ARE THE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE... keep on twinklin'!